Reinstatement Review Inventory-II (RRI-II)

This website presents 3 driver risk tests: 1. Reinstatement Review Inventory-II (RRI-II, screens applicants applying for reinstatement of their suspended or revoked) driver's license; 2. Driver Risk Inventory-II (DRI-II, a popular DUI/DWI offender screening test); and 3. Driver Impairment Index (DII, a California DUI violator screening test).


The Reinstatement Review Inventory-II or RRI-II is a test designed to screen applicants applying for reinstatement of their driver's license after it was suspended or revoked. The RRI-II consists of 128 items and takes 25 minutes to complete. With regard to test scoring and printing reports on-site, after test data (answers) input RRI-II reports are scored and printed within 2.5 minutes.

The RRI-II is different. The RRI-II explores the question "Has the applicant changed since their driver's license was suspended or revoked?"

Why have a test for driver's license reinstatement? Because the information needed to decide whether or not to reinstate a suspended or revoked driver's license is in many ways unique. For example, has the applicant changed since their driver's license was suspended or revoked? Does the applicant have a drug or alcohol problem? Does the applicant have emotional or attitudinal problems that could overwhelm their stress coping abilities? Does the applicant have adequate stress management skills? Questions that should be answered before driver's license reinstatement go beyond checking their driver records to see if the applicant drove while his or her driver's license was suspended.

It is assumed that a state reviews an applicant's court and driving history prior to reinstating a revoked or suspended driver's license. It is also assumed that somebody interviews the applicant. Is this enough? Considering the serious responsibilities, liabilities potential consequences associated with driver's license reinstatement, many people do not think so.

Six RRI-II Scales (Measures)

1. Truthfulness Scale: measures how truthful the applicant was while completing the RRI-II. This scale identifies denial, problem minimization and attempts to fake good.

2. Alcohol Scale: measures the applicant's use and/or abuse of alcohol. The term alcohol refers to beer, wine or other liquors. Alcohol abuse is a primary concern in reinstating driver's licenses.

3. Drugs Scale: measures the applicant's illicit drug use or abuse. Drugs refer to marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, barbiturates, crack, ice, ecstasy, heroin, etc.

4. Comparative Change Scale: helps identify applicants that have experienced positive attitudinal and behavioral change since their driver's license was suspended or revoked.

5. Intervention Checklist Scale: clarifies the applicants in terms of meeting reinstatement requirements. Has the applicant only met minimal requirements? Or, has the applicant demonstrated a sincere commitment to change?

6. Stress Coping Abilities Scale: measures how well the applicant manages stress, tension and pressure. We now know that poorly managed stress can exacerbate emotional problems and judgment.

Staff often wants quick reference of RRI-II results. To meet this need, test results are summarized at the top of the first page of the report. These summary statements are as follows:


INVALID TEST RESULTS. This summary statement means that RRI-II results are distorted due to defensiveness, denial, problem minimization or attempts to fake good.

MEETS REINSTATEMENT CRITERIA. This statement means RRI-II results meet established reinstatement criteria. RRI-II results indicate it would be appropriate to reinstate the applicant's driver's license. However, no reinstatement decision should be based solely on RRI-II results.

EXCEEDS REINSTATEMENT CRITERIA. This statement means RRI-II results reflect serious problems. This statement pertains only to RRI-II results.

Link to RRI-II Example Report

To review an RRI-II example report click on this Example Report link.

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